About Professor Dr. Liu

- The first Ph.d specializing in ancient nutrition and food therapy and herbal medicine from the China Academy of Chinese Medical Science.

Professor Dr. Liu Zhe Feng, is a well-known nutritional therapy and healthcare expert from Shaanxi, China who obtained his doctorate from the China Academy of Chinese Medical Science.

He has been invited as R&D Consultant to continue the research and development for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of women’s diseases. Professor Dr. Liu who specializes in the research of ancient nutritional food remedies has been using food therapy to prevent and treat women’s disorders. Professor Dr. Liu has over 20 years of clinical experience in women’s health research to help women and girls live a healthier lifestyle. Since arriving in Malaysia, Prof. Dr. Liu Zhe Feng has given regular talks on nutritional therapy and healthcare nationwide.

Professor Dr. Liu has appeared in newspapers and magazines from Malaysia, Singapore, China and Europe. He has been featured in Nanyang Siang Pau, Sin Chew Jit Poh Daily, New Life Post, Mun Sang Pau, Long Life Magazine, Feminine Magazine, Bao Jian Sheng Huo Magazine, etc., and Ai FM (formerly Radio 5). Professor Liu is the author of three books and has published more than a thousand medical papers and health care articles. He has also contributed to healthcare columns in Malaysia and Singapore.

Professor Dr. Liu had been given a graduation speech in China Academy of Chinese Medical Science.